Wednesday, January 31, 2007

RAKU "Unearthed Glaze"

Lithium Carbonate 70
Borax 10
Bentonite 15
Feldspar(custer) 5
Chrome Oxide 8

I learned about this glaze from another California Ceramic Artist, Kristin Doner
This is a very rustic glaze. It makes pieces look like it was just pulled out of the ocean. This is a low fire raku glaze, and its a great glaze to study a glaze as if fluxes during a firing. Pieces fired with this glaze are taken out of the kiln in the middle of the fluxing process, during the "bubbling" phase. This gives the textured result somewhat resembling craters and barnacles. Lithium Carbonate and Borax react with the change in atmosphere of the raku process. Chrome Oxide in the glaze gives it that green color other colorants can be used for different effects. If left in a raku kiln to cool, this glaze turns into a yellow orange color.

Like most raku glazes, this glaze is not food safe. You should wear gloves when handling this glaze. High percentage of lithium carbonate in this glaze makes this glaze very toxic.

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Lithium-Carbonate Side Effects