Wednesday, January 31, 2007

RAKU Crazy Slip & Crazy Glaze

Crazy Slip:
Fire Clay 40
6-tile Kaolin 30
Fine Grog 20
Custer Feldspar 10
Crazy Glaze:
Frit 3110 60
Gerstley Borate 40

This is another technique I learned from Kristin Doner. I've heard a different name for this process, some call it "Naked Raku" This is best described as Reduction stenciling.
This is done by dipping a bisque piece in slip then dipping it again in glaze, then firing it as if it were a crackle glaze raku. After about 10 min in the container, the piece should be taken out and quickly submerge in water. the thermal shock will break of the slip/glaze skin. Slip becomes a barrier between the clay body and the glaze, which prevents the glaze from adhering to the clay body.
Because of the extreme thermal shock of this process, Raku clay should be used.
Also smoother surfaces works better with this technique.

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