Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gas/Woodkiln design 1/12 scale model

This is a 1/12 scale model of a gas/wood burning kiln that I designed for a good friend of mine. I used cork sheets to make this model simply because it reminds me of firebrick.

Arch: 5'x6'x6'
Sutema: 2.25'x2'x1.5'

The floor, sutema and chimney of the kiln will be made with hard firebrick while the arch will be made of a castable refractory material. The right side of the kiln is the loading side while the left side will be a fixed soft brick wall. On the front (center) will be the stoke hole for the wood and beside it would be two additional ports for two venturi burners. The front stoke hole can also be modified to fit a bigger gas burner. Air vents and a brick grate system will be installed on the kiln floor directly below the center stoke hole. There will also be an additional air hole on the sutema chamber, (tunnel connecting the kiln to the chimney) where forced air can be introduced to minimize the smoke exiting the chimney.

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